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Need a Bank Valuation in a hurry?

Call John Craddock MRICS MSCSI at 01 8330517 during office hours, or text your details after hours to 087 8233784 for a fast service. We aim to complete all our valuations within 48 hours of instruction. We also take instructions via email to

AIB Bank
Registered Valuer
Bank of Ireland
Registered Valuer

Paying for Valuations

We can accept payment by cheque and are happy to accept payments through online banking. If paying online please text or email us so we can confirm your payment was received. Transfers to AIB are immediate. Bank of Ireland take 24 hours. All other transfers may take 3-4 working days.

AIB Raheny Code: 93-23-45 a/c Craddock Estates 03141098

IBAN: IE04AIBK93234503141098 BIC AIBKIE2D

You can also securely pay for a valuation with a credit card here

Residential Valuation type
Pay here
Type 1 Standard Bank valuation - property value under €700,000, no works being carried out €150
Type 2 Standard Bank valuation - property value under €700,000, Value post works also needed €200
Type 3 Standard Bank valuation - property value €700,000- €1,000,000 €200
Type 4 Standard Bank valuation - property value €700,000- €1,000,000, Value post works also needed €300
Type 5 Standard Bank valuation - property value €1,000,000 plus €500

Prices for commercial valuations vary tremendously, please call for a quote.

Fair deal scheme valuation

Fair Deal Valuation
If you have a dependent relative needing nursing home care, you may have to get a property valuation to avail of the Fair Deal scheme, details here......
A regular feature of these valuations is that the owner of the property may be present during the inspection yet not fully aware of its nature or purpose. Our mature and experienced valuer can inspect the property with a minimum of fuss and intrusion without distressing the elderly owner.

Probate Valuation

Probate ValuationA probate valuation may be required for revenue purposes on a property after the owner has passed away
The valuation will normally be dated on the date of death and will reflect the market value of the property at that time.Craddock Estates provide prompt Probate Valuations at an affordable price.
Link t
o Free Probate information


Tax Valuations

Capital gains tax is payable on the sale of any property that is not your family home, if it's sold at a profit.
Don't pay any more tax than you have to by getting an accurate valuation, from Craddock Estates of course, call 01 8330517.
For more information on Capital Gains tax you can access a copy of the revenue guide to CGT by clicking the Revenue logo

Thinking of selling ?

Some agents will tell you what you want to hear when you ask them what your house is worth. That's usually more than it's really worth, we all like to think our investments are worth more than they are.
So if you're looking for someone to tell you you're right, call our competitors. If you really want to sell and need to know the true value of your property then please call us at 01 8330517