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The Craddock Estates guide to Property Management.

It has been our experience that successful property management is 20% looking after property and 80% looking after people. The first key element required to create a successful property management experience is to choose the right Agent and get them to choose the right tenants.

Craddock Estates
Property Management Agents look after their clients and their clients Tenants too.

The easiest way to find an agent who will look after your needs is to ask friends and family if there is an agent they would recommend. You require someone who will be honest, articulate, organised, and possess a knowledge of the relevant property legislation and landlord tenant legislation too. The ability to select tenants who will pay their rent, look after your property, and honour their commitments is vital. The average fee for a managed let is 10% plus VAT of the monthly rent, normally payable one year in advance.

Craddock Estates are different!
We charge management fees of 10% monthly PAID IN ARREARS!

We hate being paid in advance, it is a disincentive to do your job, so we are happy to be paid monthly in arrears. No advance payment means you can dispense with our services at any time, though we will try to make sure you never find a reason to want to part company.

As your managing agent we will

  • Look after all repairs to your property.
    Over the years we have put together a team of qualified craftsmen and handymen who can be relied on to keep your property in good order.They can fix mend repair or replace whatever is needed with a minimum of intrusion for your tenant and at a reasonable price.

  • We can keep you advised of changes in legislation thay may affect you. If you are familiar with the Private Rented tenancies bill 2004, The Housing rented Standards Act 1997, The Multi Unit Development Act 2011, The EU directive on the energy performance of buildings, The Finance Act 1998,and Revenue Leaflet IT70 then you may not need us. If any of the above are new to you then you should give John a call at 01 8330517

  • We will inspect your property as often as necessary to keep it in good condition. You can rent a house to someone for two years without ever visiting it as long as they pay the rent on time and don't call you. When they leave and you find it in bits the only person you can blame is yourself. Regular inspections and feedback to the tenant are essential to maintain your property in good order.

  • We provide you with an annual statement to facilitate your tax returns. Revenue leaflet IT70 mentioned above explains what the revenue will allow and not allow. When we manage your property we keep track of all your invoices and income so that your end of year return is virtually completed for you with our statement.

  • We arrange Gas, Electrical and fire safety inspections.
    Your electrical installation must have a periodic inspection, your gas installation must have a certificate of conformance and your fire and smoke alarms must be sealed with a ten year battery or be mains wired. Your insurance company can give you more details if you are brave enough to ask them, or simply read the Housing rented Standards Act 1997. You must inform your insurers if your property is rented.

  • Collect the rent and actively pursue arrears.
    There are very few options available to a landlord if a tenant refuses to pay their rent. You can lodge a complaint with the PRTB and serve the tenant with a notice of termination. In the meantime you may not be paid. If you allow us to choose your tenants we will use our experience to pick honest hard working individuals just like you. People who honour their commitments regardless of their circumstances. If something goes wrong we will deal with it openly and honestly putting your interests before our income if needs be.

  • Keyholding service for occupied and vacant properties.

  • Manage the check out process when tenants are leaving. Checking the property thoroughly, transferring utilities, managing post, organising redecoration and repairs are standard services available to all our managed let clients.

  • Free Management service between vacancies for existing clients.
    If we are managing your property and there is a gap between your old tenant leaving and your new tenant arriving we will continue to look after your property for you for free, subject to the property being available to let on our books.

    If you are looking for a letting and management agent who will look after you, call John Craddock today at 01 8330517